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April 2008


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Can you believe it, the summer is more or less over.

September 2009

Flaming June is here again, we hope!!

Well Christmas is nearly here and the New Year is almost upon us, where has the year gone.

This is the Summer edition and our second issue. The feed back from Residents has been very positive ...

Well the summer (monsoon) is almost over, it certainly has been wet and taken a long time to get going, did you see it?.

Christmas seems a long time ago and now we can look forward to the Spring.

June 2009

September 2008

June 2008

December 2008

March 2009

December 2009

A very belated Happy New Year to all …  with all that snow!! Of course it looked

absolutely fantastic on Byewaters

March 2010

At last — some sunny days!

You look awfully familiar!

A new home on Byewaters

June 2010

Well, this year it really has seemed like summer, for a change.  Lots of dry sunny days, lots of brown grass.

September 2010

At this great time of the year when the kids are getting excited about their presents and mums are working hard organising everything

December 2010

A tradesman had to visit us recently and when I opened the door to him, ... his first words were 'can I buy your house, please'.

March 2011

June has arrived and what a great month, heralding the beginning of Summer and the possibility of lots of sunshine.

June 2011

Hopefully we are all refreshed after our Summer holidays and ready for the Autumn which is fast approaching.

September 2011

What a strange summer we had, … not many barbecue opportunities, but with autumn came great weather!

December 2011

We had a wonderful couple of weeks in March …  The weather in this country never stops amazing us.

June 2012

Happy New Year to everyone on Byewaters, let us hope that this year is going to be

happy and healthy for all

March 2012

The Golden Jubilee was great it really seemed to bring the whole Country together. ... and so did the wonderful London Olympics

September 2012

By late April … Byewaters certainly got

more interesting. I saw 9 ducklings on my travels and the swans were nesting.

June 2013

Winter seems to be well and truly here ... but the thing that always cheers me up for the winter is Christmas.

December 2012

Let us hope the winter is behind us now ...

spring means lots of new life on Byewaters with trees and shrubs bursting into blossom

March 2013

I was beginning to think the summer would never start and then whoosh there it was full blast!

September 2013

It is hard to believe that Christmas is nearly upon us. The years seem to be flying by, or is that just me!

December 2013

Crazy wet February … the weather is definitely madder than any March hares you might encounter on the Moor.

March 2014

This has been an eventful time for us - our first grandchild was born.  We are hoping for a good summer (as always) ...

June 2014

The canal and surrounding area look good whatever the weather but particularly picturesque early in the morning ….

September 2014

Christmas is almost upon us and the weather reminds us that winter is truly here after a pretty good summer and autumn ...

December 2014

Where has this year gone as usual on Byewaters each season is picturesque with

winter being just as interesting.

A belated Happy New Year to everyone. Let's ... take stock and look after each other  ….  2015 be a great year for us all  of us

March 2015

We are now officially half way through 2015, crazy! ...have a great time on Byewaters getting to know all the wild life.

June 2015

Where has the summer gone, and the weather well, has been up and down is the only way to describe it!

September 2015

The winter is definitely upon us, the leaves fell off of the trees all in one go. Great for the kids kicking them all over the place!!

December 2015

Well here we are again looking forward to March winds, April showers etc.  Roll on summer!!

March 2016

Busy Summer Days on Byewaters, a visitor on my garden gate and Cows grazing on the moor.

June 2016

The litter pick this year was a big success and thank you to all those who took part. Please keep supporting the 'litter pick' all year round

September 2016

We have had quite a good autumn, watching the leaves change colour over Byewaters is always enjoyable.

December 2016

Byewaters is starting to bloom and spring will soon be here and so it is time for our annual 'Spring Clean/Litter Pick' to make Byewaters even more sparkly!

March 2017

Everyone on Byewaters seem to be busy

making their gardens look great.


June 2017

We all had a good time at the picnic

and this year the sun shone the whole time.

September 2017

Next year we will be celebrating Byewaters Residents Newsletter's 10th year, time really does fly!!

December 2017

Hi All !!  We are celebrating 10 years of the Byewaters Estate Residents Newsletter.

F r a n – E d i t o r

March 2018

June 2018

We are still celebrating 10 years of the Byewaters Estate Residents Newsletter

and our annual picnic turns10 this year as well

September 2018

What can I say about the SCORCHER of a summer this year! Oh boy we have had a double dose of summer this year...

December 2018

We have been carol singing for the Peace Hospice for many years and have collected £5,222 for them so far ...

March 2019

Have you seen any of those March Hares’ going totally mad!! Well not on Byewaters all is calm and serene just like the swans on the canal.

June 2019

Our annual spring clean was a success again this year and many bags of rubbish were collected with residents help (see article inside). Keep collecting all year round.

September 2019

We had our Byewaters picnic and the weather was very kind to us this year. On Byewaters every season is so interesting to enjoy, we are very lucky here in our little oasis.

December 2019

Here we are it's December and 2019 is now nearly over and we are heading for 2020,

let us hope it is going to be a good year for us all.

March 2020

Byewaters is always pleasantly surprising us. A muntjac deer suddenly appeared in our front garden the other day ...